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About Soap Matters

The simple joy of essential oils for everyone.

I love Aromatherapy - sophisticated yet simple. I love helping my clients naturally through massage and creating bespoke blends for their individual needs.  I can't treat everyone but through my products can bring a little bit of the Joy of Aromatherapy to All.

My journey began when working in London in the 90s. After hurting my back, I booked some aromatherapy treatment and fell in love with massage and essential oils. Whilst raising a family in Edinburgh, I qualified as a Clinical Aromatherapist in 1996 and began practising.

Aromatherapy harnesses the natural healing power of plants through the many therapeutic properties of essential oils. Working as a Clinical Aromatherapist with local clients and patients from a rehabilitation hospital, I have treated many people with a wide range of ailments from joint/muscle pain through respiratory conditions, a much needed boost to immune system to emotional support with anxiety and depression as well as stress/relaxation and sleep issues. All benefit from the unique properties and attributes of essential oils. Aromatherapy is holistic in nature; it has physical, emotional, mental and spiritual benefits for the person.  I find it so rewarding creating a synergistic blend that meets a clients therapeutic need and often create a scent that is truly divine! 

Witnessing the effect of massage and blended oils on my clients has inspired me to spread the joy and wish to share the benefits to more people. After a holiday, visiting a Scottish Island, I was further encouraged to design and produce my own soap - I particularly like a more simple natural looking bar of soap. This has led me to create my products so more people can benefit and perhaps entice more people to go out and try an Aromatherapy massage for themselves - pure bliss!

My products are good for the skin, body, mind and soul. Essential oils can be applied topically (that is, via the skin, which is our largest organ in the body) or by inhalation. The divine smells stimulate our olfactory system (sense of smell) linking with our limbic system (emotions, behaviour and motivation) which in turn improves our emotional wellbeing. It's back to basics - I use natural ingredients which are beneficial to our skin being naturally moisturising and cleansing without any unnecessary harmful substances, for example, no sulphates, no parabens and no artificial scents.

I have now been selling my current product range for 7 years through markets, such as the Belford Arts Festival ( and local shops, including West Linton Post Office (, Whitmuir ( and Kailzie Gardens ( near Peebles. The wee daily delight of bathing with products made naturally with essential oils (today it was a shower with the Lemon & Frankincense soap followed by the moisturising Rosemary Body Oil - oh my, I feel great, ready to start my day). I love treating clients; helping them to overcome problems and improve their wellbeing. I have many customers whose hands are no longer dry and cracked, all over comfortable skin, who can sleep better at night, who now love their feet (maybe not quite, but getting there!).

My approach to life involves a monthly massage, weekly yoga/pilates and self massage (which I think is very underrated). Everyone should experience massage to help themselves. 

As part of my ethos I aim to be as environmentally aware and sustainable in the products I produce. Just recently we have purchased biodegradable labels from The Green Label Company ( We have tried many companies to try and procure green labels. The ingredients we use are chosen primarily because they are good for our skin, are natural and sustainable. I have tried to package these soaps as environmentally and sustainably as possible. We avoid plastic, but we do offer recyclable PET plastic for the blended oils for safety reasons where required.

We currently use palm oil in our soaps. We only source sustainable palm oil  through the RSPO scheme. This scheme ensures the the palm oil we use comes from established plantations and not from land created by the destruction of the rainforest.  We follow the guidelines from World Wildlife Fund regarding palm oil (see WWF website and section "8 things to know about palm oil  sourcing from sustainable suppliers (RSPO certified). We acknowledge the controversy in using palm oil and the complex arguments therein but by supporting the production of sustainable palm oil we help in ensuring that only sustainable palm oil is produced, which has to be a long term world goal. Palm oil is the most efficient oil producing plant taking up less land, as well as sustaining many Third World communities. We are involved in pushing for more action and are currently developing new non palm soap products.

Just recently we have been working with NeighbourFood in Peebles, Leith and Stockbridge (, where 10% of the market proceeds goes to support Meals on Wheels in the local area. We have also been supporting two hospitals by providing free soap. 

Our recent work at NeighbourFood has been highlighted on ITV Borders on Tuesday 9th June and in the local Peebleshire newspaper

Please go to to learn more about Essential Oils and my expert opinion as a practicing aromatherapist.

As part of our environmental stance, we now plant a tree for every online order through Ecologi. We have now planted over 164 trees supporting the planet. Every little helps.